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LinkedIn: The Student Discussion

The Stirling University Law Society are happy to announce that we are hosting an exclusive event where members can discuss and share their thoughts and feelings surrounding LinkedIn. This will be an informal event and there is no expectation to come prepared, or pressure to share your views.

This in person event will take place on Monday 17th October, 6pm-7pm, in Room 2B85, Cottrell Building. You can sign up for a free ticket here!

What is LinkedIn?

Despite being one of the most popular professional social platforms, many people are unsure of what it actually is or should be used for. LinkedIn is a professional social network and one of many platforms law students use to make connections with legal professionals, employers, and other students alike.

Individuals, companies, and firms use LinkedIn to post accomplishments, career opportunities, and experiences. The platform gives you the opportunity to like, share and comment on posts made by others. A wide range of people use LinkedIn, from first year law students to famous entrepreneurs.

Some people view LinkedIn as being like a CV where you can input your qualifications, job history, and highlight your skills and qualities. The platform also has a function to set your profile as “looking for work”, or “interested in an internship”.

LinkedIn in the real world

You might be reading this thinking, what’s not to love?

LinkedIn is the Marmite among law students. Some love it, some hate it.

Like most online platforms, LinkedIn creates both positive and negative feelings among its users.

Does putting a post on LinkedIn and gaining likes give you confidence? Or does it create an anxious feeling of how many likes you have and who is liking it?

The event

The aim of this event is for students to share their feelings on why they love it and why they hate it, or maybe you love and hate it. There will be a few discussion pointers to get you thinking, but the event is open to all topics.

Discussion Topics

  • Networking

  • Pressure to post?

  • Is it essential?

  • Effect on mental wellbeing?

  • Professional, personal, or both?

We are having this event to facilitate a safe space for students to feel comfortable sharing their opinions on LinkedIn. Law students are all on the same journey, so it is important we stick together and support each other.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the social media platform!


SULS Committee

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