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Acceptable Use Policy

Interactive Services Policy

Privacy Policy

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What our policies mean

Terms and Conditions:

These set out our overall website rules and how they affect your actions on the site.

Acceptable Use Policy

This policy explains the behaviour which is expected on our site.  It sets out the content standards that apply when you upload content to our site, make contact with other users on our site, link to our site, or interact with our site in any other way,

Interactive Services Policy

Our primary interactive service is our blog page and the comments of the page.  This policy sets out how you upload a blog, moderation rules, copyright license and disciplinary rules.

Privacy Policy

Sets out what data we collect from our website users and how we collect, manage and processes your personal data.


Find below a statement on our rights over images on the website.  All images are covered by our Creative Commons License.

Website Image rights

All of the images on our website are licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 International license (see link below).  All images on the website which are protected under the Creative Commons License. 

images policy
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