Dusk or Fubar? A short introduction to Stirling’s oldest rivalry.

Author: Darren Moultrie 3rd year LLB student and the University of Stirling

There are two types of students in Stirling: Dusk loyalists and Fubar activists. In the past, these nightclubs have fought over Stirling’s spotlight. From creative themed nights to shockingly cheap vodkas, each nightclub has a lot to offer. If you are a fresher coming to Stirling for the first time, then you will be faced with this decision which may change the rest of your life at university. Arguments for and against each nightclub will be made below in order to make sure you pick the correct side!

The Tunes

If you enjoy seeing DJs and nodding your head to techno, then Fubar is the place for you. Fubar offers a wide range of celebrity DJs who will give you a night out that you will never forget.

On the other hand, if screaming ‘Mr. Brightside’ at 2am with a Jager Bomb in hand is your style, then Dusk will become your new second home. I mean really, what other club can have the Fratelli’s play back-to-back with Stormzy, and still pull it off?

The Booze

This is where it gets tricky. Both nightclubs are well known for their dangerously cheap mixers. They both have different nights where their drink prices are the cheapest. If you have your drinks pass, and you plan your nights out well, you will be able to survive a night out on whatever pennies you have left the week before SAAS comes in.

The Crowd

To tell you the truth, Tuesday in Dusk will make it seem like you have spent most of your night in the queue for the toilet. The only person you’ll be chatting to is the lovely gentleman in the toilets giving out the aftershave. Dusk only has one big dancefloor, making it feel slightly too busy at times. If getting a vodka and orange spilled down your new white t-shirt is not your idea of a fun Saturday night, Fubar may be the place for you. But if you are just out for a drink and a boogie, Dusk provides.

On the other hand, Fubar has much more room to move throughout its extensive two floors. However, it is very possible to get lost and spend your entire night looking for your mate. It’s in times like these, however, that you meet new people and make new friends.

The Verdict

As stated before, for years these nightclubs have divided the opinions of students. Where to spend your Tuesday nights will forever be a difficult choice. However, one great thing about Stirling is that there are so many options for a fun night out. Whether its Dusk or Fubar, Tingle, Kilted Kangaroo or the Student Union, there is a multitude of opportunities to drink and have a good time. Forget about being loyal to just one nightclub or pub, why not enjoy them all?

The University of Stirling Law Society promotes safe and responsible drinking at all our social events.

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