Summer Plans

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

While Coronavirus has not made summer plans very easy, we still have a lot of work to do.

Freshers Week

The society is currently planning Freshers Week in the instance of either a virtual or physical setting. Our social secretary, Claire Welsh, has been developing a range of ideas to kick start the year.

We are especially preparing for our 'Give it a Go' and have decided to organise an event during the day and in the evening. During the day we will be welcoming new students to a law fair where we will welcome them to the law school and the society. In the evening, Claire will arrange a exciting and enjoyable night out. If these events are not possible in September we shall arrange virtual substitutes.

Working for our Members

The creation of this website is all about providing our members with additional services. We hope the content produced over the holiday will aid in achieving this. We have also been working to provide more opportunities for our members through third party organisations. We have also been looking back to understand how the society can better itself for the future.

Driving for Change

We understand how vital the role of law societies across the country are in promoting the welfare and working opportunities of students. As such, the committee is determined to fill this role for our students to hopefully secure a brighter future for all.

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