The Importance of Law Students Using LinkedIn to Network

Author: Georgia Brown, Third Year LLB Law Student at the University of Stirling. 20/06/2020.  LinkedIn is the largest and most renowned professional networking platform used by individuals across the world. It allows students, employees, employers, companies and institutions to connect with their contacts and other people within their industry of work. It is advisable that all law students engage with LinkedIn to maximise their future opportunities. 

The networking tool provides law students with the opportunity to connect with a whole range of professionals; including other law students, legal professionals and law firms. This allows students to stay in touch with any professionals they know or have met through doing work experience. Connecting with people allows you to control the content which you see on your timeline. So, for example, if you have a particular interest in commercial law, then by simply searching those terms you can find people posting relevant content - which will aid your decision making and knowledge of that particular area of the industry.

LinkedIn is a law student’s opportunity to brand themselves. The networking tool allows law students to display to firms who they are as a person/professional by showcasing their personality and interests through uploaded information. It extends a paper CV into a digital page including a professional profile picture, bio, personal experiences including education, voluntary work and certificates; as well as any posts that a person wishes to upload. In addition to liking and engaging with your connections’ posts, it is also really important to post your own content. This allows people to keep up to date with what you are doing and your key interests. Using photos in your posts as well as uploading any articles that you have written can be a great way to boost your profile and make it more interesting for viewers. 

LinkedIn allows law students to increase their commercial awareness which is a never-ending and essential process. Applications for legal internships and traineeships make it abundantly clear the importance law firms place on candidates having commercial awareness of the legal industry. Commercial awareness is not something you are taught in university; it is something that you must acquire for yourself through engaging with relevant materials related to the industry. LinkedIn will allow you to access a wide range of information, which you may not be able to access elsewhere, to help build on your knowledge of the industry. Law firms post regular updates on what they are doing which will allow you to understand precisely who they are as a firm and in doing so, will help you in applying for any internship/traineeship at that firm.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions through my own Linkedin page @Georgia Brown. Happy Networking!

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