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Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Welcome to the law society's new home on the internet. The site is still in its early days so please let us know of any complications you experience when navigating the website. Below are some reasons for why we decided to create the website and how you can get involved.

Keeping you updated

Our new website will help us keep our members updated on our most recent news and events. These will be posted on our pages so you always know what we have planned. We run numerous events such as, parties, academic lectures for guest speakers, book sales and our annual law ball.

Online community

Sometimes it is easy to feel lonely at university despite how busy it all seems. We as a society are committed to growing the law student community at Stirling to help connect people and build stronger relationships. Our memberships are open to all including BA, LLB, Accelerated LLB, mature students and our alumni. A membership will allow you to access exclusive content on the website, attend our events, join the committee, hear about programs run just for our members, and much more.


The blog is a crucial part of the site and will be important in building a solid community. We are keen to hear from everyone and will do our best to get your content on our platform. This will give a chance to speak up about matters which interest you and which our members will find interesting. You will benefit from vastly increased exposure as the society will promote articles which we feel are exceptional. See the blog page for more details.


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