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You must be a member to blog for our website, therefore, the email you use below must be the same as your membership email.


How to start:

Before you write your blog, you will need to become a member of the society.  Once you are a member, you can send us your blog through the form above.  Your blog must be below 500 words unless we specify otherwise.  The Law Society team will edit your post and upload it to the website and our social media pages when appropriate.  

What to write:

We are looking for short pieces of work which our members will find interesting.  It may take the form of an opinion piece, student advice, law reform, case report or something in your studies you have found interesting.  Please do not feel shy, we are happy to hear from everyone to help give you a platform.  



Our blog has been designed to give everyone rewards for their efforts.  Your blog will feature on the website and may be promoted on our social media pages.  This will give you a platform to contact a wider audience on top of the ability to show future employers your work, as all your blogs will credit you as the author.

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